The time Floyd Mayweather choked out his own ‘adopted son’ without any regret

Floyd “Money” Mayweather can easily be considered the GOAT of boxing for all sans the heavier divisions. He was named the fifth greatest boxer of all time on Sportszion’s “Top ten boxers of all time“. Mayweather has surely lived up to his moniker “money” as the richest boxer to have ever lived!

Mayweather has all the wealth and star power in the world, granted to him by his superior boxing skills and in-ring record! Floyd’s perfect record and personality have a few very dark blemishes. He has a prominent history of domestic violence and abuse.

Two of Floyd’s ex-girlfriends Josie Harris and Melissa Brim had come out against him pressing charges of domestic violence and abuse. Mayweather had to visit the jailhouse for violence against women.

Here is a clip of Floyd being aggressive towards others:

But Floyd Mayweather’s abuse does not appear to only stop with his lovers! He has gone after the adopted children as well! This violent act occurred a few days before the biggest fight of Floyd’s career against Manny Pacquiao.

Allegedly, Mayweather’s stepson Devin Cromwell was having a party with his friends in Mayweather’s mansion when the boxer came back home.

Floyd ordered the teenagers to leave his house immediately which is when the teenage son of Melissa Brim snapped back at him. This prompted a physical altercation which led to Floyd Mayweather choking the young boy out. This is a serious offense against a minor and landed Floyd in a hot water!

This did not affect Mayweather’s performance however as he won a decisive victory over the elusive and versatile Manny Pacquiao.


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