Tyson Fury’s trainer Ben Davison warns boxing star not to “recklessly” rush forward vs Oleksandr Usyk in upcoming bout

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will inevitably square off in the ring in this year’s highly anticipated boxing bout to settle the undisputed debate. Trainer Ben Davison shared his thoughts on who might win the fight and how.

The boxing record of Usyk, who is the heavyweight champion of the WBA, IBF, and WBO, currently stands at 20-0 with 13 knockouts, whereas the record of Fury, who is the heavyweight champion of the WBC, currently stands at 33-0-1 with 24 knockouts. In their most recent bouts in 2022, Usyk was victorious against Anthony Joshua, and Fury prevailed over Derek Chisora.

Davison while analyzing the ability of the two top boxers, says that Usyk has the advantage over Fury when it comes to short clubbing strikes, which the Ukrainian may deploy against Fury. Fury, on the other hand, will have an advantage against Osyk due to the fact that he is taller and larger than his opponent.

Additionally, Davison cautions Fury not to underestimate The Cat. He believes that Fury should not be overconfident since Usyk possesses tremendous skills that can beat him thus Fury needs to think of the most effective strategies he can.

“It’s not as simple as that because if you recklessly just run at someone and you think, ‘Oh, you’re small.’ He’s not a small guy, Oleksandr Usyk. He punches hard enough, and with any man that size, he’s capable of hurting someone. So there has to be an element of respect [from Fury]. With someone of that skill set, you can’t just run at someone.” said Davison.

Davison also provided Fury with certain strategies to implement in the fight. Ben believes it would be better for Tyson to continue training and stay a mauler the same way he has been training with his American trainer Sugarhill Steward for the past few years and not try anything new. This is the same strategy that Fury used to defeat boxers like Deontay Wilder, Dillian Whyte, and Derek Chisora in his most recent bouts. 

“The size will be a factor if Tyson is able to implement the size. The way to implement the size is to do the right things to get close. Personally, I think if Tyson tries to play the long game, Usyk will work him up and down, body, body, head,  switching it up and making it hard to predict, and that might push Tyson back. In which case, it’ll be hard for Tyson to implement his size.” Davison added.


According to the most current information, the much-anticipated bout will most likely take place in the month of March, and according to these most recent updates, the location of the fight will either be in Saudi Arabia or in the United Kingdom.


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