What are the major changes in Call of Duty’s new code of conduct policy?

Activision intensifies its long fight against disruptive behavior in online games, unveiling an updated code of conduct language for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Johanna Fairies, Call of Duty’s general manager, emphasizes a commitment to integrity and fairness. The move aligns with Activision’s 24/7/365 initiative, aiming to ensure a positive, inclusive gaming experience.

The Fair Play Alliance and Ricochet anti-cheating measures are central to this comprehensive effort. The company remains dedicated to creating a gaming environment free from toxicity, fostering enjoyment for players of all backgrounds.

What are the new Call of Duty code of conduct policies?

Activision Blizzard, under Microsoft ownership, unveils key findings from the in-game voice moderation North America beta, powered by Modulate’s AI tech. Marking the first toxicity report since Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition last October, Activision updates the “Treat Everyone with Respect” pillar in the Call of Duty Code of Conduct.

The revised guidelines establish a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, and harmful language based on various factors. Notably, rules addressing cheating are reinforced, emphasizing players’ accountability.

Since the system’s launch, over two million accounts have faced automated reporting, resulting in an 8% drop in repeat offenders. However, only one in five players reported disruptive behavior, prompting Activision Blizzard to seek user feedback to enhance reporting mechanisms and foster a safer gaming environment.

Fans reaction to the new anti-toxicity policy

Controversy surrounds the new “Code of Conduct” for a virtual video game, restricting players’ rights while aiming to regulate online interactions. Mixed reactions emerge as MW3 fans express discontent with the update.

Some argue that trash talking is integral to the Call of Duty experience, with Reddit user Commercial-Ad3448 stating it’s “half the fun” and expressing concerns about the game’s decline.

Criticism extends to Activision and Sledgehammer Games for allegedly overlooking more pressing issues within MW3.

Reddit user sisiwuling attributes toxicity to the game’s flaws, not just words, highlighting ongoing concerns like cheating and server issues:

Disgruntled players, including patriotraiter, lament the lack of attention to crucial matters, creating a heated debate around the balance between regulation and addressing substantial gaming issues.

For a virtual video game that gives access to all the players and users to play freely, a “Code of Conduct” bars their basic rights.

While any online game requiring access to other players around the world, especially teenagers, needs to be regulated to maintain the boundaries of free speech and harmony.

Reddit user patriotraiter is also annoyed that other issues aren’t being given the time of day. This includes “ongoing cheaters, or what went wrong with servers, or why the update broke multiplayer.”

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