Why Conor McGregor quit Plumber Job and started practicing Mixed Martial Arts

Conor McGregor is the biggest name in the history of the UFC. Despite the fact that he hasn’t been in action for almost a year now, the Irishman’s name still reverberates across the MMA community every day. He is always there to make the headlines and call out the biggest names.

Despite not being considered one of the best fighters of all time, the name Conor McGregor still draws more eyes than any other in the history of combat sports. It’s safe to say that his name and UFC have become synonymous and the former two-division champion has been a major catalyst behind the promotion’s rise to the top.

However, the stardom did not come easy as McGregor had to pass through relative hardship in his life to achieve his goals. Conor has always been vocal about his tribulations but is proud of the work he has done to reach the top. Because without the proper determination, one cannot go from being an apprentice plumber to the top echelons of mixed martial arts.

“I did a year in that and it just wasn’t for me, you know. It’s either all or nothing in this game. If you’re not training twice a day if you’re not dedicated you’re not going anywhere,” McGregor said. 

“I felt I had enough talent, enough dedication, and enough love for the sport that it was time to pack up my job and chase my dream.”

Even though his parents did not approve of his choices, and massively criticized him for it, Conor would not relent to the pressure. he simply told them, “You’ll be sorry when I’m a millionaire.”

Although you cannot blame them too much for being skeptical, Conor indeed blew the roof as he became the most highly sought-after fighter and athlete in the world.

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