Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns: Fans exhibit mixed reaction ahead of high voltage WWE Universal Championship fight

Roman Reigns appeared on the ImPaulsive Show, hosted by Logan Paul, on September 14. Everything was going well on the podcast; the two were getting along well and engaging in polite banter about their respective careers. The WWE Universe was not yet aware that such cordial chats may develop into a Crown Jewel main event as Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns.

Before departing from the show, Roman embarrassed Logan, which is why Logan appeared on Smackdown to seek redemption. When Logan yelled for the tribe leader, he was met by Paul Heyman and the members of the bloodline. As soon as Logan vouched for a championship match with Roman, the WWE Universe already predicted what was cooking. 

Paul Heyman asked the YouTube star to meet Reigns face-to-face and revealed a Crown Jewel press conference for Saturday during the conversation. Triple H emphasized the need for a display and an attraction during his remarks to the press conference attendees, which is why he chose to book Reigns vs. Paul with the championship on the line.

Although Reigns admitted that Paul is a social media sensation with over 30 million followers, he promised to crush Paul at Crown Jewel. Few anticipate Paul to triumph over The Head of the Table at Crown Jewel, but given the uniqueness of the contest, it is certain to garner a lot of media attention over the coming few months.

On the one hand, the WWE Universe is now split in half; some people think Logan Paul ought to win the match and dethrone Roman. The Tribal Chief’s admirer, on the other hand, thinks Logan should be destroyed and put into an early retirement.

Logan Paul has been a WWE fan throughout his life and his fans are fully aware of that fact. “I want to be humble, and I will, but I’m good at this. I realized my whole life, I’ve been throwing my body off of things, I’m flexible, I do these stunts,” Paul said.

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