Roman Reigns vs The Rock on the cards? Here’s what Reigns has to say after getting a challenge from his cousin

Roman Reigns is having a time of his life as his much-awaited heel turn is well-appreciated by the fans. He is getting challenges from other pro-wrestlers, the latest of which is his cousin the Rock. Dwayne expressed his wish to face the Universal Champion on ESPN along with some praises for the Big Dog. This little episode fueled the speculation of a Roman Reigns vs The Rock battle in Wrestlemania 37

“So funny, a lot of people always say if you ever go back to Wrestlemania, who would be the opponent that you’ll face? It feels like the one that makes sense will be Roman,” The Rock said in a pre-recorded audio tape. “The truth is, I’ll not only be honored to share the ring with Roman, but of course it will be an honor to raise his hands.” Rock added. 

Roman responded to this message with nothing but respect. Paul Heyman’s client is clearly quite interested to face an opponent of the Rock’s stature in WM37. “It will be amazing. You know what I mean. I think for any superstar of my generation to have someone on his[the Rock] level. Someone who has done so much not only in sports entertainment but also in the movie industry to put light on our generation, that would be amazing,” Reigns said. 

Reigns appeared on a football discussion show on ESPN. The Samoan wrestler himself played college football at Georgia Tech University before moving with his wrestling career. Being a 49ers fan in the NFL, Roman expressed his thoughts on benching Jimmy Garoppolo on the same program. 

Before leaving the show, Reigns had a message to his next opponent Braun Strowman whom he is scheduled to face next Friday on Smackdown. “I’m going to whoop his *ss” is the summary of what Roman has to say to Braun. 

However, this Friday’s matchup would come nowhere close to the hype of a probable Roman Reigns vs The Rock battle. As of now, there isn’t any official update from WWE. But, we know how much WWE loves to surprise its viewers. So, this may be the first promo of Roman fighting Rock in the grandest stage of all.

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